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Meet Katheryn Thayer

Meet Katheryn Thayer - Vice President of Brand and Marketing @ Primary Venture Partners

Katheryn Thayer is the Vice President of Brand and Marketing at Primary Venture Partners, New York’s leading early-stage firm, with a billion in assets under management and 50 full-time employees.

Katheryn started her career in journalism, working at Forbes where she grew from an associate product manager to deputy director of editorial special features. She then transitioned into Kickstarter Director of Brand Content before joining Primary Venture Partners.

Her work has appeared in Artsy, Core77, the Creative Independent, MoMA’s Open Spaces, Product Hunt Stories, and Skillshare.

At Primary Venture Partners, Katheryn has been instrumental in building the firm’s brand presence and marketing function.

As VP of Brand and Marketing, she oversees the company’s editorial, design, events, and partnerships and advises portfolio companies on narrative building and communications.

She works closely with founders to craft their stories and go-to-market strategies, leveraging her extensive network of designers and content agencies.

Check out Katheryn Thayer's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to how she got started in marketing roles, Katheryn shares:

"I started my career at Forbes and did a ton of different jobs there, which has, several years later, made me a marketer who's inherently narrative-driven and knows how to be efficient with the media sector's scrappy way of doing business."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Don't be afraid to loosen your grip on the brand. We've benefited so much from our willingness to take experiments and introduce real range in our narratives and visuals."

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