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Meet Kathleen Glass

Meet Kathleen Glass - Vice President of Marketing @ AquaSpy

Kathleen Glass is the Vice President of Marketing at AquaSpy, a company dedicated to supporting crop farmers globally and helping them remove the risk and guesswork from irrigation and nutrient decisions through their agricultural tech solutions.

Kathleen is an expert in aligning sales and marketing and using emerging technologies to maximize revenue.

With her strong background in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and cybersecurity, Kathleen brings an impressive set of experience and skills to her leadership role.

At AquaSpy, Kathleen is helping farmers save 10-40% of water while maintaining good crop yields and profitability. She is at the forefront of leading a go-to-market strategy that involves partnering with trusted advisors like seed and fertilizer retailers, universities, and cooperatives to accelerate adoption among farmers.

Moreover, she also creates industry-specific content and targeted advertising to educate and generate demand from growers directly.

Check out Kathleen Glass' thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to how marketing and sales can work together to achieve business objectives, Kathleen shares:

"It's imperative that marketing and sales work closely together. Marketing should attend sales meetings, participate in sales training exercises, and meet with sales leadership regularly.."

She also shares what marketers can do to tap into the power of AI and  become more effective:

"Some popular tools offer AI support in design , or writing / rewriting headlines. There are other tools that help with colors, logos, names or taglines, but do be sure that you aren't just getting something generic and that you tune it."

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