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by Katie McAdams

Basis Technologies

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Meet Katie McAdams

Meet Katie McAdams - Chief Marketing Officer @ Basis® Technologies

Katie McAdams is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Basis Technologies, a global provider of media automation and programmatic advertising software and services for enterprises. 

With over 20 years of professional experience in the digital marketing and advertising industry, Katie stands as an experienced executive who has a track record of leading high-performing sales and marketing teams.

Katie’s marketing journey is unconventional but surprisingly turned out to be inspiring. She was an English major in college and aspired to be a journalist. She then worked on the advertising side at a newspaper, which eventually led Katie to her current role at Basis Technologies.

At Basis Technologies, Katie focuses on assessing product-market fit, identifying the right audience for the platform, and solving the biggest problems facing the advertising industry.

She works closely with the sales team to create a tight alignment and support the process of winning new customers together.

More importantly, Katie Proven has helped successfully launch and grow new products, solutions, and business units, as well as create and implement go-to-market strategies.

Check out Katie McAdam's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to incorporating the right tone of voice into writing, Katie shares:

"For me, the most important thing is using an authentic tone of voice, as if you were speaking to a friend. Personally I prefer prefer ingesting information when the tone leans more casual and direct, and that's what I try to employ across the marketing team."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Outside perspective is so critical, especially if you've been with the same company for some time. Tapping into new employees, consultants, customer interviews, and outside networking groups are a great way to help us see things from a different perspective."

Katie explains what she does to help marketing teams understand and incorporate customers pain points into content:

"This is where a proper roll out of buyer personas goes a long way. Taking the time to educate the entire marketing department on our buyers and their pain points ensures we're putting out content that is relevant to our target audience."

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