Delivering Superior Digital Experiences: A Path to SaaS Marketing Excellence

by Ken Kuperstein


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Meet Ken Kuperstein

Meet Ken Kuperstein - Vice President of Marketing @ Yottaa

Ken Kuperstein is the Vice President of Marketing at Yottaa, a SaaS company whose mission is to help leading retailers deliver superior digital experiences by accelerating, optimizing, and monitoring their eCommerce sites.

Having worked in various marketing positions across industries such as advertising, toys, and footwear, Ken is a senior marketing executive who excels in accelerating growth and driving transformative change for companies.

His journey includes notable companies like Hasbro, adidas Group, Life Fitness, and One Door

His transition to Yottaa allowed him to continue leveraging his retail background while expanding his expertise into the growing e-commerce industry.

At Yottaa, Ken leads the marketing team in developing strategies to help online retailers deliver seamless customer experiences and improve site performance. 

He leverages his deep expertise in brand, product marketing, and communications to make Yottaa relevant and stand out in the marketplace while simultaneously delivering exceptional experiences along the customer journey.

Check out Ken Kuperstein's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to incorporating the right tone of voice into writing, Ken shares:

"Finding the right voice in your messaging is a combination of knowing your audience and capturing brand personality through style, word selection, and tone that resonates with the audience on an emotional level."

He also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"To keep your brand relevant, evaluate positioning against market dynamics to determine how you break through and differentiate with messaging that presents your unique value/solution that your buyers are seeking."

Ken explains how marketing and sales can work together to achieve the business objective :

"Driving pipeline and revenue today is a team sport. Marketing and Sales have to be aligned and collaborate on the strategies and playbooks that will help GTM teams achieve targets."

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