From the Ground Up: Effective Marketing Practices in Regenerative Farming

by Kristine Root


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Meet Kristine Root

Meet Kristine Root - Chief Marketing Officer @ Regenified™

Kristine Root is the Chief Marketing Officer at Regenified™, a team of regenerative farming pioneers, experts, and innovators working with farmers, ranchers, food manufacturers, and retailers to promote and verify regenerative farming practices.

As a senior leader and strategist, Kristine is passionate about delivering powerful strategies that propel growth for bold visionaries and change-makers. She works to empower social good and advance the cause of good food. 

She has spent the last 15 years working in food marketing, using her skills to help grow good food and create a positive impact for everybody.

At Regenified™, Kristine works with a diverse audience base including farmers, supply chain partners, brands, and consumers to sync together and scale impact for farms, eaters, and the planet. She focuses on building customer relationships and bringing visibility to the company’s commitments.

Check out Kristine Root's thoughts on marketing!

When it comes to marketers tapping into the power of AI to become more effective in marketing, Kristine shares:

"AI is a tool, and it can be utilized across a bunch of different platforms in a lot of different ways to enable our work and make our work easier to facilitate and support."

She also shares why branding is important in their industry:

"If you want it to be more than a transaction, a brand is your pathway to do that. It's to build shared meaning."

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