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Meet Laura Ayala - VP of Marketing and Customer Experience @ Karius

Laura Ayala is the VP of Marketing and Customer Experience at Karius, a life sciences company focused on saving lives from infectious diseases.

Laura’s career began in health care, driven by a personal tragedy—the loss of her mother to cancer—which fueled her desire to improve patient care and diagnosis.

She holds a graduate degree in business with a focus on health care. Laura transitioned into marketing to leverage her expertise in health care, aiming to make impactful changes in the industry.

At Karius, Laura promotes innovative diagnostic technologies like liquid biopsies. These technologies can detect over 1000 pathogens from a single blood sample within a day, significantly improving patient outcomes.

Laura emphasizes the importance of clinical data and peer-reviewed studies in building trust and credibility in health care marketing. She works closely with sales teams to ensure consistent messaging and successful demand generation.

Laura is also excited about the potential of AI to enhance efficiency in content creation. However, she stresses the need for human oversight to maintain accuracy and emotional resonance.

Building a diverse marketing team with various skill sets is one of Laura’s key strategies. She believes in understanding and educating the market about the problems her products solve, ensuring alignment with customer needs and awareness.

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When it comes to building and managing marketing teams, Laura shares:

"To build an effective team, you need to be able to identify what those skill sets are, and they range from, you know, having very strong analytical skills to being a a strong communicator, to being strong in design."

She also shares her thoughts on the importance of branding in healthcare industry:

"Branding is very important across the the board, right, amongst all marketers. And what we mean by branding here, at least carriers and at other health care companies that I've been at, is that it's very important that the brand communicates trust"

When it comes to generating demand for Karius, Laura shares:

"What we try to do then for this demand generation is generate awareness that we can be added and that we can be very helpful for certain patients."

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