Designing Customer’s Success and Growth
in the Luxury Market

by Laura Kerbyson

Palm Beach Promotions

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Meet Laura Kerbyson

Meet Laura Kerbyson - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Marketing Officer @ Palm Beach Promotions

Laura Kerbyson is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Palm Beach Promotions, a full-service marketing and advertising agency serving companies from Palm Beach to Miami, South Florida. 

With over 30 years of professional experience, Laura has a diverse background in marketing, computer science, and design. Her portfolio includes works with notable brands such as Hard Rock, General Electric Plastic’s Polymerland, Lilly Pulitzer, and Arnold Palmer.

Laura founded Palm Beach Promotions after successfully selling two other companies, Carolina Web Development and Florida Web Development.

At Palm Beach Promotions, Laura and her team help clients expand their customer acquisitions and elevate their brand image through cutting-edge technology and memorable storytelling.

Her leadership drives Palm Beach Promotions to provide high-tech marketing solutions and maintain an exceptional level of customer service.

Check out Laura Kerbyson's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Laura shares:

"The only way you can be memorable is to create engagement. That engagement can take many forms and be obtained through many marketing channels. Often effective campaigns are because the multi-touch approach was well orchestrated."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"If you are excited and energized about working on a brand, you will find a way to keep it fresh and it won’t be difficult."

Laura explains what marketers can do in order to tap into the power of AI and become more effective:

"In order to leverage AI more effectively, marketers need to quit asking surface level questions and learn to feed the AI the complete algorithm (the complete picture and ask)."

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