Leeya's journey of growing Prytek and Delta Capita as top financial technology providers

by Leeya Hendricks

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Meet Leeya Hendricks from PRYTEK and Delta Capita

Meet Leeya Hendricks - Chief Marketing Officer @ Delta Capita and Prytek Group

Leeya Hendricks is the chief marketing officer (CMO) at Delta Capita and Prytek Group.

Prytek is a multinational technology corporation headquartered in Singapore, providing technologies and delivering managed services.

Delta Capita Group is a Financial Services division of Prytek, headquartered in London, focusing on consulting, managed services, and technology.

At Delta Capita, Leeya helps financial institutions with regulations, operation simplification, cost reduction, business model innovation, and fintech growth.

Check out Leeya's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to how content marketing is changing in 2022, Leeya shares:

"One of the top trends in content marketing for 2022 is a focus on becoming more human. It's essential to optimise your content for both search engines and reader experience. Improving your content's overall quality and personalising the experience for readers is key."

She also shares the first step in writing content that customers want to read:

"To keep your customers, keep it simple and compelling. Many brands lead consumers down confusing purchase paths. The savviest marketers simplify and personalise the route."

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