Reinventing Real Estate Marketing through People-Focused Leadership

by Mac Christian

National Land Realty

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Meet Mac Christian

Meet Mac Christian - Chief Marketing Officer @ National Land Realty

Mac Christian is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at National Land Realty, a full-service real estate brokerage company that specializes in farm, ranch, recreational, timber, country estates, and commercial development properties.

Mac’s passion for creativity and problem-solving led him to pursue a career in marketing. His professional journey has demonstrated how he excels in leadership, graphic design, project and team management, and business development roles. 

Some of the notable companies that Mac worked for include LandLeader, Murie Design Group, and Sonoran Desert Institute. 

At National Land Realty, Mac oversees marketing initiatives aimed at effectively reaching and engaging with people in selling, purchasing, and leasing land. More importantly, he focuses on communicating the company’s efforts to reinvent land realty.

Mac earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Boise State University. He later pursued an MBA from Southeastern Oklahoma State University where he graduated with Honors.

Check out Mac Christian's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Mac shares:

"I put a lot of focus into listening. This helps me find out where to guide my team to a solution. If I've done my job right, I am not creating anything. I'm letting my team and culture run with the ball to find a solution. Then we measure rigorously and iterate where necessary."

He also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"If a brand needs to be fresh, I believe it is a matter of relevance. It's sort of a societal reading of the room. You're attempting to be the person in the room that people want to approach. That involves listening to what is happening in the room at all times."

Mac also explains how marketers should be thinking about content and the buyer’s journey:

"I view the buyer's journey as dating and finding a partner. When we look at it like this, it enables us to create the simulated journey of a relationship."

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