A CMO's Tested Blueprint For Marketing Excellence In Mission-Driven Finance

by Marcella Dalmau

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Meet Marcella Dalmau from River City Federal Credit Union

Meet Marcella Dalmau – Chief Marketing Officer @ River City Federal Credit Union

Marcella Dalmau is the Chief Marketing Officer at River City Federal Credit Union. She is in charge of the marketing efforts of the credit union that offers financial solutions to diverse communities in San Antonio, Texas. 

Marcela’s career demonstrates her adaptability and skillfulness in navigating challenging marketing landscapes. However, her passion for understanding the “why” of a business is what led her to marketing.

At River City FCU, Marcela focuses on connecting the company to the local community through a hyper-targeted marketing approach.

Her role remains pivotal in conveying the credit union’s mission of providing affordable financial solutions and creating a positive impact on members’ lives.

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When it comes to facilitating collaboration between marketing and other teams, Marcella shares:

"It all starts at the hiring process and really finding individuals that have the potential to align with your mission and your values as a company."

She also shares how marketers working in startup environments can maximize their potential:

"For marketers who work in a startup environment, startups are often for learning. I would say just absorb everything. Adhere to the skillset you bring from school. Being able to leverage what school has taught you with what you're experiencing in real life and find that happy medium where they meet because you're an asset."

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