Driving Growth and Demand Through Omnichannel Marketing Mastery

by Margot Kashuba


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Meet Margot Kashuba

Meet Margot Kashuba - Chief Marketing Officer @ Belkins

Margot Kashuba, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Belkins, a leading B2B lead generation company.

With a diverse background in FMCG, B2B, B2C, and PR, Margot has held various marketing roles, including social media marketer, PR manager, and CMO.

Her expertise in B2B marketing has been instrumental in helping Belkins expand its business and deliver exceptional results for clients. 

Margot’s strategic approach combines classic and modern marketing techniques, focusing on effectiveness and measurable outcomes. She is passionate about building strong teams and fostering a culture of innovation at Belkins.

With her deep industry knowledge and commitment to excellence, Margot continues to drive growth and success for Belkins and its clients.

Check out Margot Kashuba's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Margot shares:

"Know your audience's needs. Produce valuable, relevant content. Actively engage on social media. Personalize messages and offers. Maintain regular communication. Use interactive campaigns. Provide exclusive deals and insights."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Be relevant to the consumer at all times. If you understand what the consumer needs you'll always appear fresh. When you communicate a message that is targeted and relevant you'll get an engaged consumer that identifies with your brand."

Margot explains how marketing can support sales:

"Marketing, sales, and customer success collaborate to attract the right prospects, fulfill promises, and keep customers happy, ensuring we meet sales goals. Marketing delivers qualified leads and supports sales with materials. Joint ABM and integrated campaigns boost revenue."

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