Maria's journey to growing MyRepublic's international brand

by Maria Carmela De Jesus

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Maria Carmela De Jesus from MyRepublic

Meet Maria Carmela De Jesus - ice President Group Marketing @ MyRepublic

Maria Carmela De Jesus is the Vice President Group Marketing of MyRepublic – a telecom operator with operations across Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia.

MyRepublic’s mission is to create a connected seamless, smart, and safe world to transform people’s lives while innovating the way telcos operate.

Maria took leadership roles in marketing and business strategy across multiple industries:

  • real estate
  • financial services
  • telecommunications
  • digital agency services
  • and startups.

Check out Maria's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to keeping a brand fresh over time, Maria shares:

"Stay curious & interested in design trends to keep your brand fresh. Having a rigid look can become stale if you don't try new things. Just as social media & tech change so often, your brand should be able to try new elements to adapt to changing market trends."

She also shares about the first step in writing content that customers want to read:

"Marketers are storytellers. If your team can't write nor communicate your brand in a compelling way, that's a problem. Create content that speaks to what customers can relate to in their daily life, while hitting your brand's domain of expertise."

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