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Monica Garrido
Gain insights on empowering consumers, effective data use, and marketing leadership with the advice of Monica Garrido, Chief Marketing Officer at Consumer Edge.
Explore innovative and data-driven strategies to scale your marketing efforts with the advice of John Dering, Senior Vice President of Marketing at ClearDATA.
Aruna Inalsingh, the Director-Marketing & Partner Channel at GSI, offers key perspectives on B2B marketing, consistent branding, and agility to drive growth.
Get inspiration from marketing for travel and recreation with the expert insights of Martijn Scheijbeler, Senior Vice President of Marketing at RVshare.
Discover how Aaron Wollner, Chief Marketing Officer at Quontic, practices adaptive marketing for customer empowerment and to improve overall banking experience.
Listen to Sowmya Moni, Vice President, Marketing & Alliances at Incture, on how she amplifies marketing impact in the tech sector to deliver customer value.
Explore marketing strategies and leadership insights into the world of serving micro niches with the help of Mike Guerrieri, CMO at Vanbrey Media, LLC.
Gain valuable insights on data-driven marketing to help your brand thrive today with the advice of Suz Pathmanathan, Vice President of Marketing at Brikl.
Immerse in a fascinating discussion on agricultural marketing with the Vice President of Marketing at AquaSpy, Kathleen Glass. Gain valuable marketing insights.
Explore the world of life sciences marketing with strategic advice and insights from Chris Williams, SVP Marketing and M&A Integration at Caliber Scientific.
Learn agile marketing strategies for B2B businesses that aim to automate business growth with expert advice from Christian Kunkel, CMO at Fingercheck.
Examine the intersections of faith, finance, and marketing for homeownership with insights from Riffat Lakhani, Chief Marketing Officer at Guidance Residential.

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