Empathy In Action: Marketing Leadership Strategies For Better Customer Impact

by Marla Kessler


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Meet Marla Kessler

Meet Marla Kessler - Chief Marketing Officer @ Datavant

Marla Kessler is the Chief Marketing Officer at Datavant,  a data logistics company for healthcare whose products and solutions enable organizations to move and connect data securely. 

Before joining Datavant, Marla worked with notable brands such as IQVIA, McKinsey, and Pfizer.

In each of her executive roles in the mentioned companies, Marla demonstrated her expertise in scaling and transforming businesses through unconstrained analytics, focused execution, and distinctive creativity.

At Datavant, Marla emphasizes the importance of understanding customer challenges and psychology to shape effective go-to-market strategies.

She also advocates for building high-performing teams. 

Marla’s insights on empathy-driven marketing, leveraging AI, and cultivating diverse skill sets make her a thought leader in the dynamic landscape of healthcare marketing.

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When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Marla shares:

"Great marketing activates curiosity and empowers people to make better decisions. When you really know your customer, you understand their needs. And then you can use different media to make them interested in how you can help as well as give them the tools they need to succeed."

She also shares  how marketing can support sales:

"Marketing and Sales are partners. Customers rely on both to understand their needs, evaluate options, and make decisions. Marketing is the "always on" support that creates a strong environment for Sales to enter into and supports Sales in between customer interactions."

Marla also shares  how businesses can keep their brand fresh over time:

"Brands need to evolve without losing their core. You keep them fresh by keeping them relevant to what the customer needs at that moment. So staying current with the customer environment is key."

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