Revitalizing Brand Importance in a Crowded Digital Marketplace

by Matt Greener


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Meet Matt Greener from TINT

Meet Matt Greener - Chief Marketing Officer @ TINT

Matt Greener is the Chief Marketing Officer at TINT, a platform that helps brands build trust with consumers through user-generated content.

Matt started his career on the brand and design side, working for various clients as part of an agency. He quickly learned the importance of driving demand beyond just creating beautiful designs.

His curiosity about what motivates people to take action led him to delve deeper into marketing. Matt became fascinated with understanding the triggers and emotional drivers that attract consumers to businesses.

At TINT, Matt is passionate about solving trust issues between brands and consumers. He believes in leveraging user-generated content, which research shows is more trusted than brand-created content.

Matt’s approach emphasizes taking brand-consumer relationships direct rather than relying on rented audiences on third-party platforms. He advocates for brands owning their data and interaction methods.

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When it comes to why branding is becoming more important, Matt shares:

"As AI is leveling the playing field in terms of your ability to produce vast quantities of content… it becomes a challenge of differentiation. And where do we find differentiation? Differentiation has always been in brand."

He also shares how content should be created for maximum impact:

"When we approach the creation of content, we want to always ensure that this content piece can be used in multiple contexts as much as possible."

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