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by Melissa Hendrick

ChargeBack Gurus

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Meet Melissa Hendrick

Meet Melissa Hendrick - Chief Marketing Officer @ Chargeback Gurus

Melissa Hendrick is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Chargeback Gurus.

Chargeback Gurus helps businesses protect and recover revenue by providing innovative chargeback management solutions.

Melissa’s professional marketing career started with her role as a marketing assistant.  She worked her way up through various roles at companies like Thomson Reuters and FedEx. 

What drives Melissa at her core is her passion for igniting growth and helping fast-growing midsize companies quickly grow, particularly in the Fintech industry. 

As CMO of Chargeback Gurus, Melissa utilizes an omnichannel strategy powered by thought leadership to reach out to their ideal client profile and drive demand for the business.

Moreover, Melissa personifies servant leadership in her role through collaboration, conviction, and diplomacy.

Under Melissa’s leadership, Chargeback Gurus has helped clients win back millions of dollars in recovered revenue from chargebacks.

Check out Melissa Hendrick's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Melissa shares:

"I leverage an omnichannel strategy, thought leadership content, 3rd party industry recognition, voice of customer content, articles, bylines, media relations, and blogs to engage with companies (and our clients) that match our ideal client profile."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Continuing to refresh your brand over time is paramount to staying relevant with your target audience. Our brand continues to remain fresh by working with SMEs, industry groups, and analysts to stay on top of emerging issues and trends and sharing that information with clients."

Melissa explains how sales and marketing can work together to achieve business objectives:

"Since the beginning of time, there is a natural friction between sales and marketing. Some are good, but too much is clearly bad. I view sales as my internal client. I work closely and on a regular weekly basis with our CSO to ensure we are aligned on sales and marketing efforts."

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