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by Michel Benjamin


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Meet Michel Benjamin

Meet Michel Benjamin - Vice President Marketing @ Leasecake

Michel Benjamin is the Vice President Marketing at Leasecake, a platform that simplifies lease and location management for retail and restaurant owners and franchise operators.

With over 20 years of experience in B2B SaaS, Ad Tech, and agencies, Michel is a trusted marketing leader known to execute marketing strategies for brand awareness and revenue generation.

Michel got into marketing when she was hired as a media buyer at an advertising agency. From thereon, Michel worked her way to more leadership roles. 

At Leasecake, Michel focuses on inbound marketing and creating educational content with the help of their internal real estate team. 

Her marketing strategy has always involved content marketing as an integral component of the company’s overall marketing strategy. 

Finally, Michel also emphasizes the importance of aligning product marketing efforts with the sales process through open communication and collaboration among different teams.

Check out Michel Benjamin's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Michel shares:

"This is at the epicentre of marketing. There is no cookie cutter way to create engagement, it is trial and error. Great marketers fail a lot. We A/B test even the greatest campaign because it can be the smallest thing that drives that extra 1%."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Be relevant to the consumer at all times. If you understand what the consumer needs you'll always appear fresh. When you communicate a message that is targeted and relevant you'll get an engaged consumer that identifies with your brand."

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