Work Smarter, Not Harder: Why Top Executives Need Regular Peer Support to Thrive

by Mickey Peters

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Meet Mickey Peters - Vistage Chair in Houston

Meet Mickey Peters - Vistage Chair in Houston

Mickey Peters is a Vistage chair in Houston, guiding top-level executives through challenges. He brings valuable experience from his time as a CEO.

Mickey’s first CEO role was at Duke Energy in Peru. He managed a large power business across Peru and Ecuador.

Later, he was promoted to Brazil where he joined a peer advisory group. This experience was transformative for his leadership approach.

Mickey transitioned from isolated leadership to embracing community support. He overcame personal struggles, including addictions and heart surgery.

Now, Mickey helps executives find balance and effectiveness through peer support. He facilitates monthly meetings where leaders can be vulnerable and gain perspective.

Mickey’s journey from stressed executive to supportive coach exemplifies the power of community. He now helps others achieve both business success and personal fulfillment.

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When it comes to peer support groups, Mickey shares:

"The real benefit that members get from being a Vistage member is sitting at a table once a month, and processing issues, challenges, opportunities with their peers where nobody has any skin in the game."

He also shares about how peer groups improve decision-making:

"Having that support, having that community around you and, you know, we have the monthly meeting, but members get to know each other and communicate outside of the meeting as well."

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