Transformative B2B Tech Marketing:
An Innovative Leadership Perspective

by Mukesh Kumar


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Meet Mukesh Kumar

Meet Mukesh Kumar- Chief Marketing Officer @ WorkWall

Mukesh Kumar is the Chief Marketing Officer at WorkWall, a new-age professional collaboration platform for technology firms to share their work and resources with peer firms across the globe. 

With over 15 years in B2B tech marketing, Mukesh has consistently demonstrated his commitment and expertise in scaling businesses, especially in the SaaS space.

Moreover, Mukesh’s expertise extends to a diverse marketing skill set which includes e-mail marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and event marketing. He is a proven entrepreneur and innovator.

At WorkWall, Mukesh has been instrumental in driving innovation and collaboration within the company.

Under his guidance, WorkWall has evolved into a go-to solution for businesses seeking seamless collaboration among tech firms.

Check out Mukesh Kumar's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Mukesh shares:

"I think 3 things: 1. Listening to the feedback from your customers. 2. Great customer service. 3. Using analytics. So you listen to what your customers have to say (feedback), respond to their questions (customer service), and get to know them better (analytics)."

He also shares why buyer personas are important in content marketing:

"Buyer personas are like sketches of your ideal customers. They help you understand who you're talking to, what they need, and how they make decisions. It's like knowing exactly what gift to buy a friend because you know what they like; it makes your offer more personal."

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