Comprehensive and Value-based Marketing for Transformative Care Management

by Natalie Schibell

Zyter TruCare

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Meet Natalie Schibell

Meet Natalie Schibell - Vice President, Marketing Strategy, Intelligence, and Insights @ Zyter|TruCare

Natalie Schibell is the Vice President of Marketing Strategy, Intelligence, and Insights at Zyter|TruCare, a purpose-built software and services company for payers, providers, and the government to manage value-based care delivered to anyone, from anywhere, at anytime.

Natalie’s journey to her current role is non-traditional yet meaningful. Natalie is a former Navy Lieutenant Commander with 12 years of distinguished service in the Medical Service Corps. Then, she transitioned into a career as a public health analyst at the CDC.

She then moved to Forrester Research, rising to VP Research Director, before being recruited by Zyter|TruCare. 

In her present role, Natalie leads the company’s marketing efforts by leveraging her extensive experience in healthcare technology. More specifically, she spearheads market intelligence initiatives and guides strategic decisions across all departments.

Also, Natalie drives content creation, product marketing, and demand generation strategies to communicate the value proposition of Zyter|TruCare’s comprehensive population health management platform.

Check out Natalie Schibell's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Natalie shares:

"Creating engagement involves crafting tailored content that addresses customer pain points, personalizing messaging based on customer demographics, actively engaging on social media, and leveraging feedback to continuously improve software features and build trust with clients."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"We keep our brand fresh by actively and passively listening to our customers, staying abreast of current events, researching markets and our competitors, maintaining a consistent identity, and collaborating with internal and external partners to gain diverse perspectives."

Natalie explains what marketers can do to tap into the power of artificial intelligence and become more effective:

"A.I isn't just a tech tool; it's completely transformed our industry. It automates tasks, personalizes content, predicts trends, engages with customers, refines ads, and optimizes data. It helps us craft exceptional experiences that elevate us as marketers.

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