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Meet Natasha Bailey - Chief Marketing Officer @ Pace Partnership London, Ltd.

Natasha Bailey is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Pace Partnership London Ltd, a brand consultancy business offering c-suite consultancy, trend forecast management, a full marketing agency, and sourcing management solutions to the sports, fashion, and beauty industries

Natasha’s marketing journey is unique. She started with a sports science degree but pivoted to marketing after several experiences gave her insights into events, digital marketing, and wholesale accounts.

At Pace Partnership London, Ltd., Natasha leads the company’s marketing efforts in supporting brands and retailers in building their brands and connecting with new channels.

Natasha’s marketing approach involves understanding client needs, building brand awareness, engaging audiences, and fostering customer loyalty. 

Finally, Natasha’s leadership style emphasizes team empowerment and open dialogue. She advocates for continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends.

Check out Natasha Bailey's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to what is crucial for building a succesful marketing team, Natasha shares:

"Empowering your teams is important. Everybody needs to have that voice and make sure that they can be heard."

She also shares how brands should approach content creation:

"Before you can even start with content creation, you need to know what your strategy is."

Natasha explains  how to improve the synergy between marketing and sales:

"Making sure that there is strong connections and relationships between those sales and marketing teams, avoiding any kind of working in silos."

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