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by Nick Ziech-Lopez

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Meet Nick Ziech-Lopez from Enablix

Meet Nick Ziech-Lopez - Chief Marketing Officer @ Enablix

Nick Ziech-Lopez serves as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Enablix, the sales enablement suite for mid-market teams, helping consolidate tech stacks and improve revenue ROI.

Nick’s career path transitioned from a product-focused role to his current role as CMO, where he plays a key role in crafting and implementing Enablix’s marketing strategy.

His insights into the marketing-sales alignment drive revenue generation, leading to substantial growth and success in the competitive SaaS industry. He also underscores the significance of maintaining adaptability in a dynamic market.

Check out Nick's thoughts on revenue generation

Nick Ziech-Lopez highlights the central role of marketing in revenue generation.

"Have an understanding of what generates revenue. If you're on marketing, you're here to make the company money, and you have to be really comfortable with that."

He also shares the priority of revenue over storytelling in marketing:

"Don't talk to me about storytelling. Storytelling doesn't make sense when the company's not making any money."

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