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Meet Nicole Giantonio

Meet Nicole Giantonio - SVP and Chief Marketing Officer | Legal Solutions @ Epiq

Nicole Giantonio is SVP and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) | Epiq Legal Solutions, a leading global provider of integrated technology, consultative, and administrative services in the legal market. 

Having worked in sales and marketing leadership roles for different companies, Nicole brings plenty of experience and expertise to her current position. She is a senior executive with over 20 years of experience in professional marketing services, business development, and customer retention.

Before joining Epiq, Nicole also held senior executive positions in companies such as Elevate, ADP, Patina Solutions, Buck Consultants at Conduent HR Services, and Ceridian.

At Epiq, Nicole spearheads the company’s efforts on marketing for sales, identity marketing, and product marketing as part of the company’s senior executive team.  

On top of her executive role, Nicole is the founder of Leftfoot, LLC. She was also the producer and host of the LeftFoot Business of Law podcast from January 2015 to April 2018.

Check out Nicole Giantonio's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to incorporating the right tone of voice into writing, Nicole shares:

"To ensure consistency, we use jobs-to-be-done messaging across Epiq Legal Solutions and Amazonian writing style. We have documented verbal brand standards, regularly put business-developed materials on word diets, and have created and documented messaging for our 147 different offerings within business-approved message maps.."

She also explains how marketers should be thinking about content and the buyer’s journey:

"Identification and attention to attribution models are key in determining touch points for content delivery - specifically thought leadership. Timing, frequency, and depth are all considerations. I prefer to educate versus sell with content - a subtle but important difference."

Nicole also discusses how to create engagement using marketing:

"I'm a huge fan of jobs-to-be-done messaging and the sharing of thought leadership. Although it's one aspect of our approach, well-thought-out marketing communication and a call to action that provides thought leadership go a long way to engaging our buyers."

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