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by Noel Saunders


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Meet Noel Saunders

Meet Noel Saunders - Partner and Chief Marketing Officer @ REF

Noel Saunders is the Chief Marketing Officer at REF UK, an international Organization of best-in-class business leaders that aims to create an irreplaceable space where members can elevate their most strategic and transcendent decisions in an environment of trust and confidentiality.

With over 20 years of professional experience in various marketing, partnership, and consulting roles, Noel stands as a respected leader in the executive membership space. He has worked across different sectors and regions while consistently delivering productive results.

Some of Noel’s key expertise lies in business management relationships, strategic planning, and B2C membership engagement.

As CMO of REF UK, Noel emphasizes the importance of branding in the competitive executive membership space, the need for innovation in product marketing, and connecting business leaders through safe spaces.

Finally, Noel encourages an environment of open communication, where ideas are encouraged, recognized, and valued. All of these, he believes, contribute to REF’s mission of providing a highly differentiated and inclusive platform for personal and professional development.

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When it comes to working with strategic partners, Noel shares:

"Relationships with strategic partners are built on mutual trust and understanding. If either of those are missing it becomes difficult to maintain that relationship efficiently and effectively."

He also shares about how he engages other leaders in the team as a CMO:

"I am very lucky, in that we have a tight, close-knit team that all firmly believe in sharing our challenges and working together to achieve our goals. Communication is absolutely key."

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