Stepping Up the Marketing Game:
Innovative Solutions for Customer Engagement

by Olga Karanikos


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Meet Olga Karanikos

Meet Olga Karanikos - Chief Marketing Officer @ SalesScreen

Olga Karanikos is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at SalesScreen,  a sales performance software that uses visualization and gamification to help organizations build happier, more productive workplaces.

With a background in international education and education technology, Olga brings a unique blend of expertise to her role. She is passionate about using technology to enhance sales performance and drive engagement among sales and marketing teams. 

Moreover, Olga is a data-driven marketing leader who excels at multi-channel integrated strategy development and effective cross-functional team collaboration.

Olga’s leadership at SalesScreen has significantly improved customer retention, employee motivation, and overall sales productivity.

Her strategic marketing approach, coupled with a strong focus on customer needs, has contributed to SalesScreen’s success in the competitive SaaS market. 

Olga is committed to people-first leadership. At SalesScreen,  she helps build a culture of collaboration and innovation within her marketing team.

Check out Olga Karakinos's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to writing content that customers want to read, Olga shares:

"Research. Exploring keywords target personas are searching, listening to calls to hear pain points in their own words, and understanding the podcasts and media sources they're tuned into are ways to understand what will resonate. Content can then be written to educate and help"

She also shares about how marketing and sales can work together:

"Marketing alignment is more important than ever in a world where buyers are doing a lot of their own research and are quite critical of purchases. Neither team can be successful when working in a silo. Joint account based strategies are a great way to get the two teams cooperating."

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