Human-Centric Marketing: Omer Maman's Approach to Resonating Messages

by Omer Maman


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Meet Omer Maman

Meet Omer Maman - VP of Marketing @ Healthee

Omer Maman is the Vice President of Marketing at Healthee, an AI-powered employee benefits app that transforms healthcare experiences. It simplifies healthcare navigation, saving time and costs for HR leaders and empowering brokers with personalized insurance recommendations.

With over 13 years of experience in the health tech industry, Omer has a strong background in both engineering and marketing. He brings a unique perspective to his role, bridging the gap between technology and effective communication.

At Healthee, Omer leads the marketing efforts to strategically segment and communicate with various customer personas and sales channels. His approach involves understanding customer pain points and positioning Healthee’s technology as a solution. 

Omer’s expertise lies in aligning marketing strategies with business goals to drive results in the dynamic startup environment.

Check out Omer's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating content that customers want to read, Omer shares:

"Compelling content is rooted in understanding the customer pain points, aligning content timing, and tapping into motivators for action. This understanding ensures that the content resonates, engages, and propels the audience toward meaningful interactions."

He also shares how marketing and sales can work together to achieve the business objective:

"Collaborative communication and aligned business goals form the cornerstone of effective marketing and sales synergy. These two departments can seamlessly pool their strengths, streamline processes, and work in harmony to drive the business toward its objectives."

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