Discover Pablo's digital marketing journey and how he scaled clients' business growth with SEO

by Pablo Lopez

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Meet Pablo Lopez from topflight

Meet Pablo Lopez - Chief Marketing Officer and Founder @ topflight

Pablo Lopez is the CMO and founder at topflight, a performance-driven digital marketing agency out of York.

They cover all areas of a successful digital marketing campaign to help drive traffic and results for their clients, including:

  • Web design
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Digital PR

Pablo has more than eight years of experience in digital marketing, working with top-tier national and international companies and delivering comprehensive organic and paid media campaigns across multiple channels.

Check out Pablo's thoughts on content marketing

About the first step in creating content that customers wants to read, Pablo shares:

"It needs to be engaging. Imagine content marketing as spoon-feeding a baby: you need to constantly keep this baby engaged so that they can keep eating the food. And if you have to pretend your spoon is an aeroplane, so be it."

He also shares how to incorporate the right tone of voice into writing:

"Understanding your audience and your product. The best copywriters don't impose their own style; they research and create the audience's profile and pretend to talk like them."

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