Scaling for Global Success with a Tested Marketing Leadership Model

by Pam Piligian


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Meet Pam Piligian

Meet Pam Piligian - Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer @ Navy Federal Credit Union

Pam Piligian is the Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Navy Federal Credit Union. She spearheads both executive roles in what is known as the largest credit union in the world.

At Navy Federal, Pam maximizes her data and analytical skills to steer the union’s growth. She consistently achieves this feat by leading teams through sound business strategies and exceeding KPIs.

Her career portfolio showcases an extensive list of well-known companies that have scaled under Pam’s leadership.

Pam Piligian remains a trusted leader who specializes in leadership, strong business partnerships, and strategic execution. 

Check out Pam's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to why marketing is important for a business, Pam shares:

"Marketing is about the best of both worlds. It's art and science, but the combination of both is where the magic happens. It is about data. It's about creativity. It's about people and motivating movement. So all of that is a little bit addictive, particularly for lifelong learners because it's always changing and it's part of what makes it an exciting business to be in."

She also shares about the importance of  creating relevant content:

"Content is really important. We do look at what people search for. We make sure that we're always assessing our strengths and our weaknesses and gaps we have and continually try to fill those content gaps and keep up with what people need and the information they need."

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