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Meet Paul James Mills from Shaw & Co

Meet Paul James Mills - Chief Marketing Officer @ Shaw & Co

Paul James Mills is the chief marketing officer of Shaw & Co, a consultancy enterprise helping UK SMEs with funding, buying, and selling businesses.

With deep knowledge and expertise in the UK laws and regulations, financial, and professional services market, Paul can help organizations grow and level up their marketing and sales results.

“I have an entrepreneurial mindset and typically thrive in ‘VUCA’ environments where there is autonomy to innovate, think like a customer, and introduce agile working. I tend to ‘zig’ when my peers’ zag’.” – Paul James Mills.

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About how sales and marketing can work together to achieve business objectives, Paul shares:

"Sales & marketing must share the same vision, purpose, and goals and work collaboratively to share market intelligence. If you lack a symbiotic relationship, you will fail."

He also shares how to use marketing to build customer engagement:

"Engagement is created from having a value proposition that is so compelling that customers autonomously have the desire to engage and consume the product or service being marketed."

incorporate the right tone of voice into writing?

"The tone of voice must come from deep within the brand persona and be conveyed consistently across all written touch points."

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