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Meet Prateek Panda

Meet Prateek Panda - VP of Marketing @

Prateek Panda is the Vice President of Marketing at, a forward-thinking tech company specializing in data security and accessibility.

As a founder and marketing leader, Prateek helps startups on their path to growing from zero to $25M in ARR 

Prateek started his career as an engineer but transitioned into marketing when he had to take up the role at his first startup at the age of 20. He eventually pursued an MBA and has been in marketing ever since.

At, Prateek is helping the company transition from selling to SMBs and mid-market to now focusing more on enterprise customers as they scale from a Series B stage.

Many of his business strategies and methods have been covered by TechInAsia, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine. He was also featured on lists like 40 Under 40 Founder and Executives by Startupbeat and Indian Tech Leaders of 2023 by TheTechPanda.

Check out Prateek Panda's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Prateek shares:

The basis of ensuring engagement is that you understand your ICP really well. Truly put yourself in your ICP's shoes, understand the problems, know where they hang out online and offline and craft your content. Remember, you are creating content for them and not for yourself."

He also shares what marketers can do in order to tap into the power of AI and become more effective:

"First of all, don't shy away from AI. Embrace AI where it can help you make your job easy. I find researching so much easier now with AI. There are many tools that leverage AI to make a specific job easier, for example, editing videos for social media."

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