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Meet Puneeth Ghodgeri

Meet Puneeth Ghodgeri - Vice President of Marketing @ Encamp

Puneeth Ghodgeri is the Vice President of Marketing at Encamp, a technology company transforming environmental compliance programs through high-tech solutions and high-touch support.

Puneeth is an experienced demand generation and product marketing leader. He has worked for global B2B and B2C companies.

At Encamp, Puneeth is passionate about the company’s mission-driven nature and the opportunity to make a big difference by helping EHS teams comply with regulations.

Puneeth believes content creation and distribution is about delivering the best experience and value to prospects. All these and more are Puneeth’s thrust in leading Encamp’s mission of trailblazing in environmental compliance

Check out Puneeth Ghodgeri's thoughts on marketing!

When it comes to content creation and distribution, Puneeth shares:

"Content creation and distribution is how can you deliver the best experience to people. Where I come from is mainly around how do you produce the best experience for your customers and show them value through those experiences."

He also shares on the importance of branding in the industry:

"The way I define brand is the sum total of how you deliver experiences to your prospects and your customers. That is brand."

Puneeth explains how marketing leaders can lead teams:

""Leadership in marketing is being a conductor, having a point of view, being clear about the strategy, the vision of the business, of your team, of your go to market motion within marketing, and that's how you can be successful."

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