Aligning Sales and Marketing Efforts to Drive Revenue and Retention

by Reid Gilbert


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Meet Reid Gilbert

Meet Reid Gilbert - VP of Marketing @ SalesMail

Reid Gilbert is the VP of Marketing at SalesMail, the easiest way to send personalized videos via email, text message, and CRM. 

Reid started his marketing career as a copywriter at a healthcare technology company, where he worked for almost 10 years. He transitioned from a copywriter role to a marketing manager and eventually to an outside sales position. 

He believes his sales roles were most beneficial to his marketing leadership career, giving him insight into aligning sales and marketing teams.

At SalesMail, Reid leads the company’s marketing efforts of enabling professionals in senior care, multifamily housing, real estate, staffing, and everywhere great relationships are essential to generate better business outcomes.

Reid focuses on assisting and amplifying the sales team’s goals of closed-won revenue and pipeline generation, as well as the client success team’s goals of usage and client retention. 

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When it comes to marketing and sales working together to achieve business objectives, Reid shares:

"Marketing and sales teams can align much more naturally if they're responsible for, and incentivized on, the same KPIs: notably, pipeline created and closed-won revenue."

He also shares what’s on his marketing dashboard and what KPIs does he keep:

"The most important metric to track is pipeline-converted-to-revenue, and knowing all the details associated with each channel: total pipeline created, total pipeline won, sales cycle duration, and channel spend to name a few."

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