Strategic Content Marketing for Increased Visibility and Profitability

by Rewa Kulkarni

Intelligence Node

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Meet Rewa Kulkarni

Meet Rewa Kulkarni - AVP, Marketing @ Intelligence Node

Rewa Kulkarni is the AVP of Marketing at Intelligence Node, a real-time retail analytics firm that empowers businesses to drive product-level profitability and grow margins using data-driven competitive insights across pricing, assortments, digital shelf visibility, and more.

Rewa is a seasoned leader in content marketing, with eight years of experience spearheading this function for B2B SaaS enterprises with diverse tech offerings. Her expertise extends beyond content marketing, as she has recently ventured into other marketing areas, such as ABM and demand generation. 

As Intelligence Node’s AVP of Marketing, Rewa’s role involves generating demand for the company through a mix of organic and paid channels, including content marketing, SEO, programmatic ads, email marketing, and more.

Moreover, she has contributed to leading the company’s content initiatives—from website messaging and product content to social media and demand generation content.

She works closely with design, SEO, product, senior management, and other cross-functional teams and manages a team of in-house writers, demand-gen strategists, and freelancers.

At Intelligence Node, Rewa plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the team is always in sync with the latest changes in the product and customer requirements. This customer-centric approach is key to providing the best customer experience possible.

Check out Rewa Kulkarni's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to writing good content that customers want to read, Rewa shares:

"Writing good content starts with having a deep understanding of your audience to ensure that the content you create resonates with them, addresses their needs, and engages them effectively. It also helps segment them into different personas and create personalized content that speaks to them."

She also shares about how marketing can support sales:

"Marketing supports sales by building brand awareness through impactful content and narrative, running targeted campaigns for ideal customer profiles, providing sales support, generating and nurturing leads, and utilizing customer insights to refine strategies."

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