Value-based and Mission-Driven Marketing
to Empowering Homeownership

by Riffat Lakhani

Guidance Residential

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Meet Riffat Lakhani

Meet Riffat Lakhani - Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer @ Guidance Residential

Riffat Lakhani is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Guidance Residential, the largest U.S. provider of Shariah-compliant home financing having provided over $10 billion in home financing to American Muslim homeowners.

With a real estate background and an MBA in marketing, Riffat brings a diverse skill set to her role.

Since joining Guidance Residential, Riffat has built the marketing department from the ground up.

Under her leadership, the company has helped over 40,000 families achieve homeownership without compromising their faith and they have helped financing clients’ homes worth over $10 billion in the process.

Riffat’s passion for helping people find homes aligns perfectly with Guidance Residential’s purpose-driven mission. Her creative approach and a keen eye for design have been instrumental in establishing the company as a pioneer and national leader in Islamic home financing.

Check out Riffat Lakhani's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to how marketing can support sales, Riffat shares:

"By building a strong online presence, generating quality leads, maintaining a positive reputation, ensuring a polished brand image, providing essential sales tools, helping them aid business development. Together, we create a powerful partnership driving business success."

She also shares how marketers can connect customer pain points:

"We connect customer pain points by listening through online reviews, surveys, social listening, and sales feedback. A customer committee with various departments involvement discusses and resolves these pain points holistically across the customer journey."

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