Leveraging a Robust Marketing Mix to Drive Success in HomeBuilding

by Rob Krohn

Epcon Communities

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Meet Rob Krohn

Meet Rob Krohn - Vice President of Marketing @ Epcon Communities

Rob Krohn is the Vice President of Marketing at Epcon Communities, a company whose mission is to build homes, neighborhoods, and lifestyles that provide one remarkable experience.

As a B2B and B2C marketing expert and lead-driven marketer, Rob brings his extensive experience from the advertising world and his own marketing agency to Epcon Communities.

Rob leverages his knowledge of demand generation, lead generation, and technology to drive innovation and growth for the company.

At Epcon Communities, Rob focuses on understanding the unique needs and aspirations of the aged 55+ home buyers. He helps create a sense of community and belonging for the residents while providing them with homes that fit their lifestyle and allow them to age in place comfortably.

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When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Rob shares:

"Engagement often requires an emotional connection at some level. Wants, needs, wishes and goals all come with a level of emotion that is tied to them. Our job is to connect with those emotions, and connect our offerings to their emotions."

He also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"A brand remains fresh when it is authentic, and is in alignment with customer needs and expectations. It comes from the top of an organization, and is embodied in the employees that live it every day. A brand is not what you tell people it is, it is what people experience when they interact with you."

Rob explains what marketers can do in order to tap into the power of AI and become more effective marketers:

"Play. Just play with the tools without expectation of achieving an amazing result. It is not fully baked, we are all acting as the R&D department for these tools. Find time just to try things, crazy things, just to see what happens. You'll learn more that way and be better for it."

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