Research-Driven Approaches to Success
in Dental and Healthcare Marketing

by Ryan Torresan

Peak Dental Services

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Meet Ryan Torresan

Meet Ryan Torresan - Chief Marketing Officer @ Peak Dental Services

Ryan Torresan is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Peak Dental Services, a dental service organization (DSO) that helps dental practices run smoothly and efficiently supporting dentist leaders to focus on providing the highest patient standard of care.

Ryan is a strategic marketing executive and team builder. With over 20 years of dental, healthcare, and advertising experience, he has demonstrated his ability to develop and implement marketing strategies to acquire new customers and drive business growth.

Some of Ryan’s most notable accomplishments include creating a full-service marketing and public relations department from scratch and launching Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) marketing campaigns.

Moreover, he was also a key member of the executive team prepared and sold Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) to PE groups.

Today, Ryan is one of the leading minds in dental and healthcare marketing. After all, he is an expert in public relations, performance optimization, and organizational leadership.

Check out Ryan Torresan's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to writing content that customers want to read, Ryan shares:

"Stop assuming you know your customer, do the research and learn who they are, how they want to engage and what makes your procudt or service unique in the marketplace. Give them a reason to spend their hard earned dollars at your organization"

He also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"To keep a brand fresh requires ongoing effort and adaptation to changing market dynamics, understanding consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes. Based on that you can deploy several strategies to maintain brand freshness."

Ryan also explains how marketing can support sales:

"Marketing plays a crucial role in supporting sales in the dental and healthcare industry by effectively communicating the value proposition of healthcare products/services to potential customers. This is done by creating awareness, building trust, and generating leads."

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