The B2B Marketing Playbook for the
Venture Capital Industry

by Sam Ahmed

NGP Capital

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Meet Sam Ahmed

Meet Sam Ahmed - Vice President of Marketing and Communications @ NGP Capital

Sam Ahmed is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at NGP Capital, a global Venture Capital firm with a mission to unleash the magic of technology by investing in exceptional founders across Europe and the US.

With over a decade of experience in marketing and communications, Sam stands as a seasoned and trusted marketing leader in the VC world.

Before her current role at NGP Capital, Sam led the marketing and communications efforts for companies like Nauta Capital and Startupbootcamp. 

As VP of Marketing and Communication at NGP Capital, Sam focuses on building a sustainable VC brand through consistent branding, utilizing a marketing playbook, and challenging the marketing norms.

Moreover, Sam advocates the use of AI and innovative tools to enhance marketing efficiency without replacing marketers. Her diverse skill set and strategic leadership approach make her a valuable asset in B2B VC marketing.

Sam holds a Master’s in Brand Development from Goldsmiths University and a Bachelor’s in Journalism & Psychology from City, University of London.

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When it comes to marketers tapping into the power of A.I to become more effective, Sam shares:

"AI is having a massive impact on the marketing industry right now - from copy editing, and graphic design to video creation and better automation. I see AI-driven marketing tools as co-pilots to help me be more efficient and improve the day-to-day work so that I can truly focus on the creative and strategic side of the job."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Brands by design are meant to evolve, so as marketers we need to develop ways to boost the brand now and then without causing a big stir, spending too much, or losing focus on the real objectives."

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