From Launching Startups to Becoming
Profit-Centric Ventures

by Sam Johnston

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Sam Johnston from nth Venture

Meet Sam Johnston - Co-Founder, CMO, and Launch Officer @ nth Venture

Sam Johnston is the Co-Founder, CMO, and Launch Officer of nth VentureHe is a believer in the development and revolution of startups through his tested and unique profit-sharing model. 

Wherever Sam conducts business, he has always produced a legacy that fosters audience engagement, brand identity, and omnichannel approaches. 

Moreover, Sam uses his diverse marketing background to launch startups for success. His strategy accelerates startups to make their products and services fit in the market. Embracing changes as learning opportunities, Sam embodies adaptability in the marketplace.

At nth Venture, Sam exemplifies his mission in developing startups to pioneer an approach that aligns with the founder, investor, and employee interests. 

Sam Johnston’s leadership continues to redefine startups and make a difference in the business world.

Check out Sam's thoughts on marketing

Sam underscores the significance of adopting an omnichannel approach in marketing and the need to provide value and authority to customers for authentic engagement.

"Customers today and tomorrow will interact with brands across multiple different channels. You need to be providing value, authority, and mirroring them in the market."

He also outlines the importance of quickly developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and assembling a core team within the first month when launching a new business.

"Within that first month, we should at least have a version of an MVP, a kind of operating plan, hired in the initial team members that are essential in order for us to go and test something."

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