Excellence in Inbound Marketing for a Competitive Cybersecurity Space

by Sam Stiles

Summit 7

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Meet Sam Stiles

Meet Sam Stiles - Vice President of Marketing @ Summit 7

Sam Stiles is the Vice President of Marketing at Summit 7, the #1 Managed Services (MSP) and Managed Security Services (MSSP) provider for DoD contractors. 

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Sam has been instrumental in growing and scaling marketing teams. He started his career in sales, cold calling from phone books, before transitioning into marketing and discovering the power of inbound and digital marketing.

At Summit 7, Sam oversees various marketing initiatives, including content campaigns, webinars, digital marketing, paid media, PR, and social media advertising.

Under his leadership, the marketing team has successfully generated demand and driven revenue growth for the company.

Sam believes in the importance of building trust with customers through genuine storytelling and values-driven marketing. He champions a collaborative environment within his team, and encourages knowledge sharing and empowering individuals to grow in their careers.

With his extensive experience and strategic approach to marketing, Sam continues to drive success for Summit 7 in the competitive cybersecurity and compliance industry.

Check out Sam Stiles's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Sam shares:

"It is all about building trust by attracting, engaging, and delighting the customer at every step of the buyer's journey. If you don't get companies to buy on trust, you'll never keep them engaged longer than the first conversion."

He also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Here's how I like to say it: "You gotta risk it to get the biscuit." In other words... TRY NEW THINGS! If you don't have leadership buy-in on the risk factor then you'll never discover how much potential your brand actually has!"

Sam also explains how marketing can support sales:

"Marketing and sales teams must be synchronized at every level in order to have effective and efficient revenue generation. The #1 thing a marketing team can do to support sales is to consistently ask for relevant and timely feedback from prospects and customers!"

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