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Meet Sarah Greenough

Meet Sarah Greenough - Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer @ Princeton Properties

Sarah Greenough is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Princeton Properties, a property management company providing apartments and corporate furnished apartments throughout MA, NH, and ME.

In her role, Sarah Greenough has been leading Princeton Properties’ revenue generation and marketing efforts for over 28 years. On top of that, she also manages the company’s customer service, public relations, and outreach functions.

Sarah is also responsible for the implementation of technology, software, and procedures to enhance the tenant experience and satisfaction.

Driven by a passion for the multifamily industry, Sarah actively shares her expertise. She has served as a guest speaker and panelist at prominent national and regional conferences. 

Sarah’s approach to marketing is deeply customer-centric. In her role at Princeton Properties, she is dedicated to transparent messaging, customer-centric storytelling, and ensuring that the company delivers on its promises to its customers. 

Check out Sarah Greenough's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Sarah shares:

"Relationship building is key. Listen to your customers, make your messaging as authentic as possible and have that message available on desired platforms. Create honest and clear messaging and soliciting feedback. Two-way communication is needed to have true engagement."

She also suggests what the first step should be in writing content that customers want to read:

"It's necessary to first understand who your customer is before creating content that they might find of value. Then select subject matter that is relevant and interesting to your customer."

Sarah also explains why buyer personas are important in content marketing:

"We spend time crafting our buyer personas to help bring clarity to our messaging. Ideally, our efforts allow for our brand offerings to cut through the white noise and reach our potential customers."

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