Frictionless Online Presence:
Key to B2B Marketing Success

by Shashi Kiran

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Please note: This interview features Shashi Kiran back when he was the Chief Marketing Officer of Fortanix.

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Meet Shashi Kiran from Fortanix

Meet Shashi Kiran, the Vice President of Marketing at VMware

Shashi Kiran is Vice-President of Marketing at VMware.

He leads the marketing efforts of a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology. Before joining VMware, he also served as the CMO of Fortanix.

Sashi’s extensive background in marketing and technology-driven solutions is pivotal in steering VMware’s marketing strategies.

His insightful approach emphasizes aligning marketing with business trajectories while emphasizing organic conversions and frictionless online experiences.

Shashi prioritizes budget allocation activities that drive organic growth and resonate with the target audience. His expertise extends to navigating diverse markets, languages, and routes to market. 

Shashi’s philosophy emphasizes a lean marketing stack and a disciplined investment approach. At VMware, Shashi continues to lead his team in thriving in the dynamic landscape of technology and enterprise solutions.

Check out Shashi's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to connecting to customers’ pain points, Shashi shares:

"360-degree listening is an important tool to understand and connect pain points."

He also shares about how marketing supports sales:

"The best way marketing can support sales is by partnering with them. Marketing cannot be a subserviant function and hope to succeed. Being proactive, collaborative and responsive to the seller needs is important. Internal alignment is as important as external tactics."

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