The North Star in B2B Marketing:
Staying Laser-Focused on Customer Needs

by Steve Keifer


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Meet Steve Keifer

Meet Steve Keifer - Chief Marketing Officer @ Ordway

Steve Keifer is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Ordway, a finance software that automates billing and turns signed sales contracts into cash flow to fund operations. 

Steve has worked in startups and established organizations. In the course of his roles there, he has demonstrated his expertise in demand generation, brand awareness, and sales enablement.

More importantly, Steve’s contributions to different SaaS, cloud, and technology companies have yielded growth in terms of sales, revenue, and valuation.

Presently at Ordway, Steve leads the company’s marketing efforts. He emphasizes the importance of understanding customer pain points, developing original content, and being well-rounded marketers.

Because of his notable work, Steve has also been given several opportunities to be an international presenter, a frequently quoted person in the media, and a published author. 

Check out Steve Keifer's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Steve shares:

"When you think about content and campaigns, the best things I find are if you can really figure out a problem that your buyers have and how to help educate them on how to solve that. That outperforms everything else."

He also shares some advice about having product-market fit for startups:

"The biggest thing I encourage people to do is just have those really tough conversations about 'Does the customer actually want to buy the product that you have? Do you have the right model? Can you be willing to entertain those discussions even in inconvenient times? "

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