The Untold Story of Account-Based Experience: Susan Beermann's Insights

by Susan Beermann

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Meet Susan Beermann from Contentstack

Meet Susan Beermann - Chief Marketing Officer @ Contentstack

Susan Beermann serves as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Contentstacka composable DXP, delivering content and digital experiences through APIs, offering agility and flexibility. Their composable DXP, with a 100% open MACH architecture, stands out in the market.

With a strong marketing background, Susan has been driving Contentstack’s success with revenue marketing, content strategy, and aligning marketing efforts with business goals for revenue generation. 

Her leadership drives innovation by integrating AI for enhanced productivity and content delivery, all while staying open to emerging technologies with a practical approach.

Check out Susan's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Susan shares:

"This is at the epicentre of marketing. There is no cookie cutter way to create engagement, it is trial and error. Great marketers fail a lot. We A/B test even the greatest campaign because it can be the smallest thing that drives that extra 1%."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"Be relevant to the consumer at all times. If you understand what the consumer needs you'll always appear fresh. When you communicate a message that is targeted and relevant you'll get an engaged consumer that identifies with your brand."

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