The untold story of Account-Based Experience: susann beermann's insightS

by Susan Beermann

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Please note: This interview features Susan Beermann back when she was the Chief Marketing Officer of ContentStack.

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Meet Susan Beermann from Contentstack

Meet Susan Beermann - Chief Marketing Officer @ Contentstack

Susan Beermann is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Contentstacka leading company in the content management and digital experience space. 

Susan is an expert in bridging marketing metrics and business growth.  Moreover, she emphasizes the importance of brand building as an integral marketing element and its role in driving successful campaigns.

At Contentstack, Susan is committed to integrating modern technologies like AI into their products and marketing efforts to enhance productivity and content velocity. 

Susan also spearheads the narrative around headless CMS (Content Management System) and the delivery of content experiences that are consistent, data-driven, and at scale. 

Her expertise in account-based marketing and brand-building positions her as a thought leader in the industry.

Check out Susan's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to building your foundation for marketing, Susan shares:

"As marketers, we must stay close to the customer, listen to them, and learn from them. This will create a sound foundation on which you build your strategy, messaging, and initiatives."

She also shares why buyer personas are important:

"One-size-fits-all messaging will not breakthrough the incredible amount of noise we are hit with. It is important to understand the unique challenges, interests, and desires of each persona and tailor your messaging to them."

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