Leveraging Revenue Data and Insights
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by Tara Pawlak

Revenue Grid

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Meet Tara Pawlak

Meet Tara Pawlak - Senior Vice President of Marketing @ Revenue Grid

Tara Pawlak is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Revenue Grid, the pioneer in revenue intelligence and a company that delivers proven, market-leading solutions that enhance sales performance and expand revenue generation.

Tara is a dynamic marketing executive who has over 18+ years of professional experience in building GTM plans that have fueled business growth. She is passionate about marketing strategies, operations, martech, and B2B demand generation.

She started her career in specialized roles like content marketer, digital manager, and SEO before moving into marketing leadership.

At Revenue Grid, Tara helps tie marketing and sales together to make every customer interaction count. She focuses on understanding customer needs, testing content, and using data and revenue intelligence to help customers hit their growth targets.

Tara believes in intentional marketing, continuous learning, and building a culture of accountability and openness in her team.

Check out Tara Pawlak's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Tara shares:

"Know your buyer inside and out. Always concentrate on what matters to the humans behind the the target accounts. If you can help individuals, you have a chance of engagement. Be in their corner and have your interaction be the best part of their day."

She also shares how marketing can support sales:

"Marketing and sales are in partnership together. They cannot succeed if they are not in lock step. Buyers want to trust the company they purchase from which includes the high level feelings of a brand, its identity and what it stands for. In addition, they need to trust the team."

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