Crafting a Compelling Brand Promise for the Building Products Industry

by Todd London

Sherwood Lumber

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Meet Todd London

Meet Todd London - Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing @ Sherwood Lumber

Todd London is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sherwood Lumber, a wholesaler of building materials and provider of value-added services, including just-in-time truckloads, mill direct shipment, forward pricing, risk management, technical support, and superior handling from company-operated facilities.

At Sherwood Lumber, Todd leads his team of over 100 professionals who are responsible for driving demand and growth, enhancing customer experience, and growing market share.

Todd has a proven track record of delivering results and creating value for stakeholders.
He achieves such a feat by helping customers understand the value of the company’s products and services beyond just features and benefits. 

Moreover, Todd emphasizes the importance of building an emotional connection with customers and telling a compelling brand story. 

Under Todd’s leadership, Sherwood Lumber has successfully utilized social media platforms to engage with the business’s target audience of contractors, builders, and dealers. 

Finally, Todd is a firm believer in encouraging his team to spend time in the field, talking to customers, and gathering insights that can inform their marketing strategies.

Check out Todd London's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to working with strategic partners, Todd shares:

"Seek first to understand and then be understood. Strategic partners in some instances can be your most valuable asset. Understanding their needs and how you can solve their problems can be the missing cog to getting the competitive advantage you need."

He also shares about how marketing can support sales:

"Marketing enables sales to tell a story in which the customer is the hero and the sales team can help them on their journey of winning the day."

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