Driving Growth through Impactful Marketing
in the Cybersecurity Industry

by Tom Richards


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Meet Tom Richards, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at NINJIO Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Tom Richards is the Chief Market Officer at NINJIO Cybersecurity Awareness Training. He spearheads the marketing functions of the company that specializes in lowering human-based cybersecurity risks.

As a seasoned digital marketing leader, Tom offers expert consumer and tech marketing insights.

Tom’s proven track record demonstrates his ability to develop marketing strategies and implement them as part of the brand’s marketing campaigns.

At NINJIO, Tom emphasizes creativity to differentiate their product and create impact in a crowded market.

Also, he advocates organizational empathy to place buyers and end users at the forefront of all marketing efforts.

Check out Tom Richards's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating content marketing, Tom Richards shares:

"To be interesting, as a brand, you must have a compelling point of view on a topic that your customer or prospect cares about. And then you need to articulate it in a short, sharp, and powerful way."

Tom also shares about how marketing can support sales:

"In most B2B organizations, marketing tees up opportunities for sales to drive to the hole. Of course, marketing is also helping with club selection, wind direction, obstacle avoidance, green reading, and ideally everything else to get the ball into the cup."

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