Building Most Valuable Propositions for
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by Toni Vicars


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Meet Toni Vicars

Meet Toni Vicars - Chief Marketing Officer @ Built by Humans

Toni Vicars is the Chief Marketing Officer at Built by Humans, a dynamic marketing agency specializing in auditing startups and helping them create better UX.

Before serving as a fractional CMO, Toni held senior positions at well-known companies such as BT, Apple, and Microsoft. Moreover, she was also one of the first marketing hires that trailblazer many startups.

Her insightful approach emphasizes the importance of understanding diverse customer needs, utilizing creative content strategies, and driving for product-market fit. 

Toni is a strong advocate for talking to customers in the early stages of startups, emphasizing the lessons from ‘The Mom Test’ to guide effective customer conversations. 

Through her strategic vision and commitment to continuous learning, Toni empowers marketing teams to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape and ensure value-driven campaigns for brands.

Check out Toni Vicar's thoughts on content marketing

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Toni shares:

"Customers will read content that matters to them. By helping them reach their goal, such as being entertained or looking smarter to their boss, you create content that will get better results. Companies can't navel gaze over their own self-importance and expect customers to care!"

She also shares how to incorporate the right tone of voice into writing:

"Every moment we write something from the UX to an announcement to a banner we are contributing to the overall tone of voice we’re creating. It isn't just the words we use, it's how we use them and we need to be purposeful and consistent in those choices."

Toni also explains why buyer personas are important in content marketing:

"Buyer personas are helpful if they focus on the right information. Step away from the demographics that don't provide useful insight. Instead focus on articulating the trigger that drives the motive for change, the pain that's getting in the way and the goal they want to achieve."

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