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by Tracy Ziskovsky

Specialty Dental Brands

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Meet Tracy Ziskovsky

Meet Tracy Ziskovsky - Senior Vice President of Marketing @ Specialty Dental Brands

Tracy Ziskovsky is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Specialty Dental Brands, a niche support organization focused exclusively on building a network of specialty dental practices.

Moreover, Tracy is an established marketing executive with a rich background spanning both private and public sectors within healthcare and SaaS industries.

Her track record demonstrates her ability and expertise to drive impactful strategies across diverse B2B and B2C landscapes. 

Tracy approaches leadership with a blend of relational finesse, visionary thinking, and grassroots initiative to cultivate thriving marketing departments. 

At Specialty Dental Brands, Tracy has helped grow the marketing department from 4 to over 30 people. She oversees 110 websites and 180 ad accounts, and she focuses on making the practices run more efficiently to improve patient experiences.

Tracy is passionate about building and managing brands, leveraging digital marketing channels, and staying at the forefront of emerging technologies to help the company’s customers.

Check out Tracy Ziskovsky's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Tracy shares:

"Engagement is driven by understanding your audience and focusing on custom messaging. Consumers are savvy and attention is a difficult thing to achieve and keep. Organizations need to invest in content creators with segment focuses to ensure all advertising firmly meets the needs of their consumer."

She also shares about how to keep your brand fresh over time:

"A brand is kept fresh over time by evolving. It is critical to recognize that an organization is a living, breathing entity which will only be successful by adaptation and change so the "company brand" must as well. Organizations should revisit their mission, vision and value statements frequently."

Tracy explains how marketing can support sales:

"In any successful organization, Marketing and Sales need to be lock step to ensure KPI's and growth metrics are being met. Marketing is the engine behind customer acquisition, understanding Operational goals for the enterprise allow Marketing teams to align efforts accordingly."

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