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Meet Dan Lowden

Meet Dan Lowden- Chief Marketing Officer @ Blackbird.AI

Meet Dan Lowden – Chief Marketing Officer @ Blackbird.AI

Dan Lowden is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Blackbird. AI.  He leads the marketing efforts of an AI company that protects organizations from narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation that cause financial and reputational harm.

With over 20 years of experience of strategic marketing experience, Dan Lowden personifies deep expertise in making marketing an important part of a company’s success. 

He has helped in the growth and acquisition of several companies in cybersecurity, robotics, cloud computing, and a lot more. 

At Blackbird.AI, Dan gives it his all in doing his mission—protecting the world against narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation.

As a leader, Dan helps build top-performing teams, emphasizes diversity, and mentors marketers. He highlights the importance of communication, relationship building, and continuous learning in the marketing profession.

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When it comes to market research, Dan Lowden shares:

"We are in constant contact with our customers, hearing their needs and how we can constantly improve and innovate to provide even more value to them. We keep an eye on competitors but to be honest, I focus on leading."

He also shares about how he works with his executive team to get the most out of marketing functions:

"I look at my executive team as partners. We are all in this to succeed as a business and in our mission, to have an impact on the world (protect it). It requires us to trust each other and help each other succeed."

Dan also shares how he he got started in the role of marketing:

"I became enamored at young age around brands and how they can create an attachment and inspire you through story telling. It inspired me to want me to represent a brand that I truly believe in and the mission behind it."

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