Interactive B2B Marketing to Create
Customer Engagement and Value

by Dana Drissel

Kaon Interactive

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Meet Dana Drissel

Meet Dana Drissel - Chief Marketing Officer @ Kaon Interactive

Dana Drissel is the Chief Marketing Officer at Kaon Interactive, a B2B software company with interactive sales and marketing applications that simplify clients’ complex product and solution stories in a visually engaging way.

With over 25 years of advertising agency and corporate marketing experience, Dana is a respected marketing leader in her field.

As Kaon Interactive’s CMO, she is responsible for overseeing all the company’s global and strategic marketing initiatives. She is in-charge of product marketing, customer success, brand awareness, public relations, and lead generation.

Moreover, Dana helps large enterprise companies in IT, life science, and industrial manufacturing such as (Cisco, Becton Dickinson, IBM, and GE Healthcare).

Under Dana’s marketing leadership, Kaon Interactive continues to help its clients, train sales/channel teams faster, and shorten sales cycles.

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When it comes to creating engagement using marketing, Dana shares:

"Self-discovery, non-linear navigation, customization, persona-led messaging, configuration, and calculators are all ways to get buyers engaged in uncovering your value. The challenge is, as a marketer, how can you cost-effectively leverage the strength of these engagements across platforms and verticles?"

She also shares marketing can support sales:

" Previously it was incumbent upon the sales team to communicate their companies' complex value differentiation to their customers. Today, this immensely critical role has transitioned to marketing, because it is taking place far earlier in the customer’s problem-solving journey. If value differentiation isn’t adequately or accurately communicated by marketing, a prospect’s engagement with the sales team may never even take place."

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